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Who We Are

Welcome to, where we turn your insurance claims into substantial settlements! Our passionate team specializes in home, commercial, property, and casualty claims, helping you recover from mold, storms, hurricanes, theft, and more.

Every week, we recover millions for our clients, ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve. Our results speak for themselves – we fight relentlessly to maximize your claim and restore your peace of mind.

At, we're not just about handling claims; we're about achieving exceptional results. Let us champion your cause and transform your insurance claim experience. Your victory is our mission!

Our Vision

To become the leading advocate for property owners, ensuring they receive the maximum compensation for their insurance claims. We strive to set the standard for excellence in claim recovery, delivering unparalleled results and peace of mind for our clients. Our commitment is to turn every challenge into a success story, one claim at a time.

About Us




Expert Representation

You have seasoned professionals on your side, tirelessly advocating for your best interests throughout the entire claims process. With deep industry knowledge and a track record of success, we ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

Live your life, we'll take it from here!

Claim Management

Claim management at involves meticulously handling every aspect of your insurance claim, from initial filing to final settlement. Our dedicated team streamlines the process, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and optimal outcomes for our clients.

What We Offer

Inspections and Estimating

When it comes to inspections with your insurance company, we show up for you, ensuring your interests are represented and protected. Our accurate estimates are meticulously prepared, reflecting the true value of your claim to secure the compensation you deserve.


In negotiations, our creativity and insider knowledge enable us to maneuver effectively through the complexities of insurance companies. Having previously worked for them, we understand their tactics and use this expertise to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Fast Settlements

We expedite the settlement process by leveraging our deep industry connections and streamlined claim management approach. Our efficiency and persistence ensure that you receive your settlement checks quickly, getting you the funds you need without unnecessary delays.



Deep Industry Knowledge

Our team boasts extensive expertise gained from years of dedicated service in the insurance claims industry. We are well-versed in the intricate details of policy coverage, claim procedures, and negotiations, ensuring that you receive informed and effective representation.

Years of Experience

With a proven track record spanning decades, we have successfully handled countless insurance claims across various sectors. Our wealth of experience equips us with the insight and strategies needed to navigate complex claim scenarios and secure optimal outcomes for our clients.

In-house Experts

Our firm is home to a diverse team of in-house experts, including seasoned adjusters, engineers, legal professionals, and industry specialists. This comprehensive expertise allows us to approach each claim with precision, offering tailored solutions and maximizing your chances of receiving a fair and swift settlement.

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Our Locations

Cape Coral - Miami - Sarasota - Tampa - Orlando - Pensacola - West Palm Beach - 

Melbourne - Jacksonville - Naples - Key West - Bonita Springs - Daytona -  Gainsville

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